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ultrasound machines. so now ge is creating something that looks like a cell phone and it's a mobile ultrasound machine where women are being tested for breast cancers in india. i just think that technology is changing everything we do in so many industries and that's stanford but certainly by far the most interesting story -- and i don't call it best, most interesting -- was the housing bust. unfortunately it came with job losses and valuations plummeting but it was fascinating to watch and cover and hear from people. >> unfortunately now we're looking at grease and spake. -- grease -- greece and spain. and we will continue to watch you and she show. the humility chapter that says be grateful. thank you very much for spending
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time with us. [applause] ...
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[applause] r. emmett tyrell jr "new york times" best selling author syndicated columnist and friend part of the heritage foundation is delighted to welcome year to discuss his new book after the handover that conservative route to recovery. hero this book to refutes would he calls "a staple of mainstream journalism the conservative movement obituary. he will tell you about the book i will tell you about bob founding "the american spectator" in 1967 as an off-campus publication protest against the vietnam war were all the rage and one-third of the state of party in nearly all professors showed their
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individualism by eight wearing identical peace symbols. when i met him he just published volume number one. instead of the peace symbols it only appeared to be one. in fact, it was the b-52 bomber with the words and drop it too. [laughter] i like this guy and soon joined his staff the first year was a real struggle. repaid the printing bills by charging $0.15 per copy and sold adds to country was gestation and peace of 2/8 even a florist by the third issue we had run out of money. the announcement we were closing was the first the magazine had ever received in the liberal student newspaper than we received a check for $3,000 and we were up and running again.
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those days were fun and we have a serious purpose to promote ideas to to a broader audience than we had another goal of giving young conservative writers to promote young talent. for many of you in this room it is important for you to know today's conservative movement was not always around brooklyn 1967 there was no cayden institute, a state parlous the comment washington examiner, "washington times", fox news or rush limbaugh. there was no conservative infrastructure we could learn things. when searching for the right answer we had to discover its or invent it. so when bob is described as
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the editor and writer it misses something is also the entrepreneur to this start of the magazine in the it did hospitable climate to keep it going despite all the bumps in the road for 43 years it is a remarkable entrepreneurial achievement. please join me in welcoming bob tyrrell and also congratulating him. [applause] >> that is great brian. i thought of it when i was five years old. i have had a good time ever since. michael brown had the choice of listing to my first 50 minutes in the dentist's office and he chose the dentist office so he will be here shortly with novocain. i am honored to be here.
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of the book i have written as a book about the history of our movement, where we came from, where we're going and the problems that we face and a fitting place to begin my book to our act heritage in terms a vigorous that has gathered up the fertile ideas men have not had to change where liberalism keeps changing to four new enthusiasm we believe in 10 limited government in fundamental by use for that is the of the use of the american people. my book "after the hangover" the conservatives road to recovery i have a series of observations provoked by the liberal media announcement after the 2008 election that
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conservatism is dead. we have been hearing this claim since the modern conservatism birth in the '50s even after the reagan revolution was shaped mainstream american politics according to conservative values we still hear these obituaries. many of the most prominent obituaries written for conservatism demise pausing to note to the obvious, namely just one after barack obama election
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the obituaries proclaiming been near death of
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liberalism have easily been forgotten since the republicans' defeat in 2008. that is because of a condition afflicting american discourse that i call corporation -- culture smog. my designation culture smog is fundamental to understanding the american political scene and the condition of conservatism today. "culture smog" is the foul pole we negative and coulter polluted from one point* do of liberalism. and awareness of the pollution of american culture has been in the land since november 13, 1969 when a recent convert to conservatism vice president spiro agnew raise the issue to a national audience in a speech and the des moines iowa written by a nixon
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speechwriter pat buchanan who went on to make a significant mark as you know, in the conservative movement and as you might expect a liberal media denied everything but they did begin their self-conscious practice of what they called the opinion page two of writers dissenting from the liberal orthodoxy. "the new york times" invited a speechwriter william safire to become the times columnist. since then "culture smog" has remained pretty much under treated. after -- "after the hangover" i explained how the smog acts in three ways. it is exaggerates the conservatives problems. sometimes it simply makes the problems. it misrepresents conservatives ideas and personalipersonali ties.
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finally and frequently it totally ignores conservatives except when it falls into some sort of serious difficulty. four a conservative scandal could be a ticket to fame but also explains another theses of the marginal cessation of conservatives even in times of conservative preponderance. during the reagan 1980's, a new gingrich congress and the presidency of george w. bush. this marginal setian is not only caused by the un welcoming gases of the "culture smog" but also caused as a fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals. namely the conservative political ideal is restrained by comparison to
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the liberals which is positively inclement. liberal political libido, it is sometimes of a sex scandal offender bear the conservatives' political failings are often the product of inaction the liberal political failings of the product of hyper activity. the consequence of "culture smog" and the profound difference between the political libido and that of a liberal is that the conservatives manifest what anthropologists study in caribbean society of identified as crab and six. at the bottom of a bucket when it is tipped pulled each other back in a mad scramble to reach the top but conservatives pull each
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other back to. about mind explain why so few high-quality leaders are recognized with politicians nowadays i hope i make clear the conservatives are out there. lack of leadership does not worry me. those will be recognized by remember ronald reagan's brief 1968 campaign the more successful one of 1976 and the ultimate election of 1980. in each election i did my small. not all conservatives share my conference the old cowboy manifest talent denuded them and in the book reports that even bill buckley was not sure of ronald reagan's readiness in 1980 by yet how least during those early years three did not have to overcome problems that
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accumulated during the presidency of george w. bush. then as the famous longshoreman philosopher once anticipated come at a great cause a descended into a business and then into a rack it. the bush years with the arrival, sometimes the hustlers were crooks such as jack april moth but other times their the intellectual opportunist who thought they could finance by going up against established members of the movement such as the davidians. and the occasional many kind has i like to call him carl tucker sen and now for her
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eternal chiding of conservative is them kathleen parker. she is not found guilty of fabrication as so happen with the pulitzer prize winners fortunately as has happened every time the conservatism has plateaued and subsided from 1964 conservatism recovers and comes back stronger. meanwhile liberalism given itself to the rating passion of calls average american voters and ever briefer periods of political ascendancy. today after nearly half a century of these oscillations conservatism is the most popular designation in the country out polling
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moderates and outnumbering liberals two /1. if the liberals process of decline continues as i predict it will it is only before less popular for the american prohibition party and even the nudist would be more if in the california. also the culture smog threat from what is called the new media to have the raising conservative counter culture , internet, establish ed conservative think tanks in a magazine of the conservative movement are all flourishing and so many compelling personalities armed with a tried and true idea of the conservative movement. let us pause for a moment to
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touch upon those ideas that touchstone idea of the conservative movement has spent a believe an individual liberty and the importance of the individual. we stand for limited government, the rule of law and the freedoms of the united states constitution and these are themes hammered out by founders of the modern conservative movement and have sprung and new from the tea party movement. modern american conservatism begins with september brent and borrowing from the british conservative philosopher i define it as a temperament for the delight of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness as it
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john locke and visitation missions the pursuits by contrast it is nothing so serene as a temperament but an anxiety about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness thus we see the enormous efforts of coercion, taxation and social engineering. yet the efforts of our faltering. americans long to be free through the raising conservative counterculture creating an alternative through the culture smog. of the new media makes it increasingly difficult to dictate how conservatives ought to be perceived and how issues are to be discussed. fox news alone brings in more revenue through cnn become msnbc or the evening news broadcast of abc, cbs
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and nbc of reliable smokestacks of "culture smog." time, "newsweek", "new york times" and "the washington post" are likewise financially fragile. and in the new media we see a model how conservatives can overcome their proclivity for pulling each other back and after the hangover we point* to the amiable give and take on air that rush limbaugh, sean hannity have with each other for a model for the conservatives road to recovery. with this shift it would be ever more difficult for reform conservatives and the davidians to exploit the "culture smog" to make names for themselves. david from has almost
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completely slipped from side to give public attention again i will predict he will jump from the memorial bridge. david brooks already has. [laughter] we call his suicidal interview with the new republican this summer attempting to ingratiate himself to obama he told "the new republic" interviewer that "i don't want to sound like i am bragging, but usually when i talk to senators, while they may know a policy area better they generally don't know political philosophy better than me. this sense that obama knows better than me is what i derived from my conversation. the location was brooks' first interview from the time with a junior senator brooks goes on to say i
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remember distinctly an image we were sitting on his couch is i was looking at his pant leg and perfectly creased pants and thinking he will be president. [laughter] and he will be very good president. all i can say it was good for brooks career that obama was not wearing pantyhose of five when brooks allow these both the initial observations in 2009 obama was declining in the polls going from pratfall to pratfall my guess is his pants were pretty broke rankled but he slobbered on proclaiming my overall
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feeling is 95% of decision's of a bomb and the administration made thurgood of intelligence. but get this obama's sees himself in his view of the world as a view that the understands what else? complexity and the organic nature of change. maybe he was referring to michele's organic garden. there was a break in the fabian society. feud from the perspective of history the liberals have been a long slow and apparently unavoidable decline since the 1960's. that is the time when for them history stopped. from their excesses it is
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clear that they completely messed the 1980's and 1990's and they believe all of the legends they have created for themselves in the culture smog. as one after another has defeated in the polls and might be difficult to give up the office. special counselors may be called on different things. with her sad experience and after the 2010 congressional elections there will be many evictions on capitol hill and handled in a professional manner. america's political center is center shaped by
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conservatism with counterculture the prospects are good for conservatism now to do what it should have done in 1986 and act not like a political party but like a political culture finally they can stop quote each of their back to stand poised to create what the new deal created in the 1930's, a new political order. history rarely repeats itself but occasionally it approximates itself and i predict such an approximation for the year to come. thank you. [applause] >> michael is continuing to enjoy his dental work and real have a discussion with your questions. please use the microphone.
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>> i was wondering talking about energy policy as a staple of the movement as it moves forward in the conservative movement? >> and "after the hangover" i have a section on various policies that i think would assure us of success in the years ahead. i do do with energy policy and is smitten with the observation of boone pickens that as of the years are the months go by, more and more national gas is found so much so we have more natural gas that the saudis have in terms of energy in the oil they have underground to.
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the proper use of natural gas would be a game changer it would no longer be so reliant. we're in a position to set the price of oil. not opec as sarah palin says drill baby drill no question we will face the energy crunch and a always surprises me that 30 years into the world wide discovery of markets china and india all over the world practically they don't recognize this that the
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markets in four months in the years ahead energy will be dearer and we will have to develop alternatives not crash courses but alternatives through the free market. >> afternoon. i think the american spectator is the greatest guy and i am looking forward to reading your book but i have a question about and particularly florence king who i never see her and she never appears on television and there is that old photo of her and i am curious if you could talk about her a little bit and how you got involved with her and what she is like in real life. >> she is a real curmudgeon. [laughter] i had a journalist come up
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to me the other day a friend and fat said we don't see florence in "the american spectator" these days. has there been a falling out? i said no. he said what is the problem? i said i will go back to the office and ask and he said we keep giving her books to review that she does not want to review better to good. she wants to review the bad ones. you will see more of her. and here is the patient right here at the man who preferred the dentist's office as a post to listening to meet i am deflated. >> let me say a former political analyst in america and "the washington examiner" and have had a variety of editorial staff for "the washington post"
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come u.s. news and report no co-author of the almanac of american politics uc frequently on fox news pricing his column this morning bob said every time the conservative movement falters, it comes back stronger and one of the things that you refer two the call back this time is the teapartiers movement. it is interesting michael's column is an investor's business daily was titled teapartiers by the culture of dependency and roach "the issue in which the politics are centered is really about the bottle of culture between the culture of of independence and independence and that is something i urge you all to read the "investor's business daily." so please welcome michael. [applause]
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>> thank you very much having been at the dentist and preferred to be drilled by the doctor as opposed to dr. bob tyrrell i am sorry to have walked to know little late to have missed his presentation it seems his book is confronting had on the fact come on the one hand as he asserts and i turned -- tend to agree that conservatives have been winning the battle of ideas in the political marketplace for a long time. with the commentators writing off liberalism in 1952 even before i started following the political data and indeed before my first encyclopedia and like all of
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the other kids that are not interested that the funeral continues to be celebrated by the denison's of the "culture smog" saw that most recently in 2008 and 2009 that it would be a good biography of whitaker chambers and the only proper role of conservative to maintain existing policies in place but to do anything else was somehow not kosher according to cannon house with the various cultures
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smog publications. the paradox is the conservatives keep winning the battles with the demanding heights of the culture use by the labor party in post-world war two would to seize the commanding heights of the economy of this steel companies and auto companies that proceeded to perform even more poorly as they had four private enterprises spur growth and had almost leads me to the question the question i might put to bob is to make the point* that david brooks have sold out to work at "the new york
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times" but i would respectfully disagree morale least pick some issue with that but admitted the david brooks has had some columns to have the same reaction to barack obama the famously proclaimed by the political philosopher chris matthews. [laughter] i give obama a great credit because i have no chris matthews 30 years sam barack obama is the first mayo to send a team go up his leg. [laughter] but in some ways the commanding heights may not be so commanding because you cite the case of dan mathers broadcasts and a great career kind of like the king midas prophesy it turned out it was not a career choice. you cite the case in the
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2008 cycle we have happened since the other than the james okayed -- james o'keefe video from the acorn office this is ignored by "the new york post" ixempra, etc. that big government been public discussion to resulted among other things the director of the bureau of the census immediately that with the community outreach i think dr. gross is a well appointed professional to take action before the white house could tell him not to. [laughter] that is my suspicion. do we really want the commanding heights? >> one of the themes i did not want to hit too hard in the book because it would go
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on and on is the theme of the intellectual decline in this country. serving in the culture nine months engineers are doctors but journalist and the enormous intellectual declined and i have given up on the "culture smog" with "the washington post" and "new york times" took place in the 1970's but by the 1980's found out they didn't have to enter into conversation and there is not a liberal. they would not come we could not invite them. that is why you are a true new conservatism but. [laughter] the intellectual debate in this country has become a
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monologue on one side or the other and on their side there's no way we will engage them. i gave up a long time ago the point* at the end of the book is the own counterculture, we have maintained the intellectual discipline on the conservative side that is terrific we impressive and i will add sam tenet house to a luncheon but the only liberal i have never been able to get and after he left the average dinner said he had seen so much intellectual diversity in a room in years. what is more diverse we have more intellectual disagreement you would ever find which is one of the reasons that conservatism is so fertile. >> but you also must talk about the importance of conservatives appreciating other conservatives and not
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shooting their own. >> not sniping at each other but that is one of the problems with trucks for everything from has made his career by sniping at conservatives -- conservativ es and i try to say in 1986 i know there has been the evanesces of the interest we all happen each other and of the '60s and '70s and bill gave me be honest satisfactory answer. what would you have us do? i think they should taken interest in each other's work that toward the end of the book there was a luminous example or model how conservatives can take an interest in each other's work amiably and disagreements and agreements alike that is how sean
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hannity and rush limbaugh and mark levin engaged in the give-and-take on their radio shows. there are times when shawn disagrees with mark and most important thing they don't try to diminish each other. that is what you see with david brooks and others say even try to diminish conservatives or go right out and the sniping at them and i think we can get around that. look at you and i we have a saturday evening wants per month. >> never on saturday. >> michael often appears as often as he can a roomful of people that disagree but the amiable give and take a of ideas as to mike you don't have to put me into the crazy corner. [laughter] >> i will give you one
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example of a point* of personal pleading for intellectual debate the way "culture smog" does not take ideas seriously. 20 years ago i published a book called our country the shaping of america. and it was published by free press. it was my attempt to write a narrative of of the american political history from 19331938 that was different from the accepted new deal their death of that others had given us a and who were raiders that have agreed to retain the ability in many cases and some of them were best sellers in the '50s and '60s if they disagree wrote history the way franklin roosevelt wanted it to have written.
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and i had endorsements from pat moynihan and it did get reviewed in "the new york times" and in "the washington post" who the '60s radicals have all the right ideas and we should have turned the country over and it never really accomplished much. one of the things i tried to do and the new deal narrative of the 1930's did not go the way the new deal historians would have us believe. if you go back to the public opinion poll from its infancy you find most americans were against the
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size of government and wanted it reduced and government regulations and taxes were choking off jobs and development that labor unions whiff about the second term of 39 was a day losing momentum as the data suggest that if there had not been the 1940 election held on domestic policy issues probably the republicans would have one which had given us a different set of five straight democratic victories, we would had had a more ordinary sequence had that not happen to if roosevelt was reelected to the unprecedented third term on the war issue. it seems to me arthur
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schlesinger u.s. reference several times in a very beautiful and gifted writer, arthur wrote three books on his age of roosevelt series published in 1956, 58, 60. with the first roosevelt term officially another 35 years never got two the second roosevelt and if i had been a friend of this met him a couple of times by had been a friend of his seven vice him to skip 1937, 38 and 39 and go to the church a collaboration against hitler and stalin that were threatening to take control that there was a lesson for liberals that they did not want to learn
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it is relevant today they are flummoxed that voters to like the health care plan. jon referred to reprise saying the career of suzanne, the reporter of cnn when year-ago of the two parties in april she said you are getting a $400 rebates aren't you satisfied? you get $50 billion for the roar blagojevich big government and he is clearly not satisfied and what she does not understand which is a number of things because our contract was not renewed all but one only has half as many viewers from one year-ago these people will not be bought off with $400 and not interested in a spare $400 they're concerned about something that is greater and more important.
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the liberals are flummoxed they thought give them health care they will be delighted they are ready to be bought off. it turns out we're not europeans. we are americans. most of us. [laughter] we always have disagreement in this country but. >> you raise a very interesting issue. it was always said slashing third could not bring himself to end the biographies, the volumes on roosevelt because of just that coming he could not deal with what happened to rose about. as you mentioned reminds me it was a longstanding problem for mayor ken liberalism to do with
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disagreements even within its ranks and it is impoverished with the intellectual discourse terribly. there is no place where liberals and conservatives get together. the days were both buckley met in manhattan with a few liberal journalists are over. we tried to get them in here and a couple of others. impossible. >> day they heard you say that before. >> [laughter] but there is something odd about it and might go with your enormous grasp of history hong, idled think there is a point* in the western world where the orthodoxy dominated a
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society without any democratic support whatsoever but just dominated because they are there. three negative two if church in the middle ages but there is not democracy then and the church did not have to answer to anybody. it floats freely with less and less authority. >> year raise the issue of the established churches with the first amendment that congress should make no law for the religion that allowed state establishments to continue through 1818 in connecticut, 1833 in massachusetts awarded by tax funds. gas what happens? they lose all of their vitality. you have the established
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church back in boston becoming unitarian and so forth which you don't have to believe in anything but just come to church and everybody says since i don't believe anything why not sleep been on sunday? fat sorts of thing. said new england diaspora from upstate new york southern michigan they are busy with the evangelical movement, a startup doctrines of women's rights, abolition of slavery , they found dozens of colleges, the first college that admits women and blacks in the united states. there is all this energy that leads to the mormon church born out of this on the ball up on a hill
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waiting for the end of the world and 1839. a lot of energy but when they get rid of the established churches it has fallen away and when we have seen the established churches written these days basically they are custodians of the beautiful buildings. >> we have seen a and enormous decline in the vitality of the liberal church. they don't come up with anything new. >> they are still defending the exclusion of rotc on campus. this may be a stumbling block with the solicitor general kagan is nominated because she supported this which was excluded in 1969 because it was much arrested
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but now the military pursue went to the democratic congress and signed by clinton has openly gay people into the military with universities we cannot abide the institution they have the new rationale. i was surrounded 1969 if anybody suggested the gays in the military was an important issue with that point*, that was not on the radar screen. they stick to the institutional position that doesn't have much validity our relationship to anything >> yes some point* in the book by mention my call back to -- might call, the liberals have not stuck by any political value over a long period of time. not freedom, order, gays in
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and out of the military there is some day is only one political value that the american liberalism has stuck by through the decades that is the value of disturbing the piece and your neighbor and i charge you to tell me what other political value they have never stood by? i might remind you is a misdemeanor of every political code in the world perhaps the arab which is a felony. but it did is unique and the only political floss of the. i know the world history was founded on a simple misdemeanor of disturbing the piece. >> it is what i talked about
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that the major political force for the culture of dependence that are created to foster is not so much the purported beneficiaries but they did not bother to come two the polls it is for those who run for their kind for the educated class who run this sort of thing and the returns of the cambridge 10 concord were of the people live all they could not want to admit to commuting by car but maybe bypass. [laughter] those of the area is carried
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by the democrats but not much else. for the employee unions in the form of tax money that the public plays or goes to jail then uses it for more money for political campaigns and it is that kind of perpetual motion machine and leads to lack of motion for the private sector economy like in california but the support comes from people who want to run the show. >> will you share my optimism? i save the counter culture that is in place will allow us to present ourselves and our issues and i think the fact that wheat out #2 /1 m
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by the way are more by us but to icc optimistic future >> baidu to. at least on mind the last 50 months has been the emergence of what they call the teapartiers movement which is a spectacular from people coming out and are not of bought off a end david do i consider a friend in his departure at the 80 i will need to get more of a tax break to middle and come people who are voting republican taken up largely with health insurance premiums.
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it seemed like day reason no point* election night 2008 it turns out they don't of $400 that badly been more interested in long-range which is protecting the government and metastasizing i am quite optimistic once again and in the discussion that with this in the 1938 s it is not relevant today the 70 plus years ago they were born in the late 19th century, americans today are more sophisticated they are
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similar. >> what you discovered michael with a born plagiarist i will make an issue it is interesting interesting, what do the people of the late '30's and contemporary americans have in common? one thing that i can think of the united states constitution. and our history. that matters. a lot of people don't think of things like that but it seems apparent to me. i did not know about that point* you were just talking about. >> the constitution matters. we should know heritage and matt spaulding and others did a terrific work to keep the constitution alive and disseminating copies i go through mine ever so often to find a provision that says new hampshire and speed
11:56 pm
13 go first. [laughter] but the teapartiers people they start talking about an amiable rights and the tenth amendment to the constitution. there is a lively subject matter for that and one of the fascinating things this year is we see a reprise of the progressives you are writing about 100 years ago talking about the industrial era of mass production of model t use and therefore need to have highly compensated experts running society and the founders which is like shakespeare it rings like silver on crystle >> and you have the final word. >> i guess i better return to "after the hangover" i'll tell you how much aid toward
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writing the book. think it fills with a book should fill it is instructive and amusing and if it can attract michael barone i am honored and pleased. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> host: sitting here with john talking about his new book, a reluctant spy. told john before i got on the air i like to ask him as my first question how did you decide to write this book? >> guest: it was a hard
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decision actually. i have been told by am a good storyteller but i was a little reluctant because i was intimidated by the review process of the cia review of publication process but then i thought i former colleagues from the agency have written books. i thought george tenants but broke it down so i thought i would give it a try. i wanted to show how high this the -- how hard the cia tries to keep the country's eighth. of failures are released to the public by wanted to write about the agency's success. . .


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